Brokerage services

Looking for a responsive broker who understands your operation, risk tolerance, and opportunities?

At CHS Hedging, our experienced advisors offer insightful advice backed by exclusive market intelligence. You can trust us to handle futures and options on grain, oilseeds, live cattle, lean hogs, and dairy with integrity, as we’ve done for decades. Backed by our own research department’s market insights, we offer consulting packages and our own over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives contracts along with traditional futures and options tools. 

Crop nutrients consulting

Could you use a fertilizer advisory partner as part of your on-the-ground risk management team?

Participants in the CHS Hedging crop nutrient risk management program receive customized advice with special emphasis on inventory and risk transfer strategies for fertilizer dealers. You’ll get daily market intelligence reports, daily inventory position report analysis, and access to cash-settled fertilizer futures (DAP and urea) and swap markets trading.


Energy consulting

Put dedicated energy market expertise to work for your commercial energy business.

Our specialized energy team takes an individualized portfolio approach to your refined fuels risk management and/or propane risk management, strengthened by unique insights from CHS energy marketers. You’ll get daily market commentary and basis quotes; commodity price risk management through the use of futures, options, over-the-counter contracts and Exchange for Physicals (EFPs); and access to educational programs for retail leaders and board members.

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Programs for your clients

Working with CHS Hedging, cooperatives and commercial elevators can provide farmers and ranchers with some innovative tools to help them manage their commodity price risk.

CHS Pro Advantage is a managed pricing program for corn, soybean and wheat producers. The CHI Compass® over-the-counter platform includes a variety of producer pricing contracts to help your farmers manage their price risk when selling or buying grain. You may also want to consider opening a CHS Hedging branch office with a licensed representative on-site to generate additional revenue and build stronger relationships in your community.